Maintain a beautiful summer tan all year … Spray tan only $30.00.

with Naked Tan

And so the journey began… like a seed growing and reaching upward toward the sun the idea was born to create a tanning product of the latest & greatest technology and quality.  Revolutionising the tanning industry with its 2HR performance and keeping up with today’s busy lifestyle. Whilst also staying true to nature and the essence of natural resources from the beginning of time. A dream product that was in formulation for over 2years before becoming what is now known as Naked Tan the 2HR tan.

The awakening of Naked Tan wash n wear 2HR tan was introduced at the 2007 International Beauty Expo in Sydney, Australia. A first time ever, release to the world, a rapidly developing tan to wash n wear in just 2HRS.

Naked Tan is a combination of natural ingredients that when applied produce and radiate the most authentic natural looking spray on tan. A tan is obtained in only a couple of hours so that you can continue with your lifestyle without the interruption of having to wait around for 8 or so hours.

It’s not just an authentic natural tan, it’s the whole Naked Tan Experience.


How to achieve your fantastic new tan:  Make sure before you arrive for your spray tan, you have showered or bathed as per usual and have used a wash cloth or other dermabrasive material to remove any dry skin from the surface of your body. Shave heavy haired areas if you feel it may be necessary in maximising your tan.

What you will need to wear: Try to wear loose fitting, dark coloured clothing. Tight fitting outerwear may cause your skin to sweat and lessen the tanning effect.

After care for your new tan: To maintain your tan's lustrous glow and to avoid spotting, try to moisturize your skin daily, preferably, just once in the morning.